Powder Player Features

Most Unique Features

Blazingly Fast

The first reaction of our users is always: It's fast!

Stream to Any Device

Full support for streaming to DLNA, Chromecast, AppleTV, Browser and Other Players.

Lots of Hotkeys

An incredible list of hotkeys that rival those of VLC itself.

Extended Subtitle Support

Finds subtitles in all languages and auto-selects your language, it also supports encoding selection and adding your own subtitles.

Highly Configurable

It has a lot of configuration options to make your torrent streaming and downloading experience unique to your personality and needs.

Other Features


You can add as many torrents or videos to the same playlist as you want.


Keeps a history of the last 20 items you've seen.


Can be associated with Magnet Links, Torrent Files and Video Files.

It's Smart

It automatically gets metadata about your video, showing you an image from the episode / movie, a description, rating and the trailer. It can also sync with Trakt.

Download Speed Control

If you have a slow connection, you can enable Speed Pulsing and it will only use the minimum necessary to stream or download your torrent.