Issues Installing / Running

Why is this needed?

Powder Player and Powder Web are an unsigned applications, this means that we have not yet bought a software certificate for it.

Operating Systems such as Windows and OSX will display a notice about it when you first open the downloaded file.

Rest assured, the software is perfectly safe, open source and free for it's users. We fully intend on buying a software certificate for it when releasing the 1.0 version.


On Windows you will receive a message with "Windows Protected your PC" when you try to start the installer. The screen might look something like:

Your screen might look different as it depends on your windows theme colors.

To get past this message, click the "More Info" button (which might be small and hard to see) and the button with "Run Anyway" will appear.


On OSX, you will be prompted with this message:

To get past this message, simply right click the file and select "Open"

Now you should see a "Open" button to start the app. This only needs to be done once.